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Ready to Assemble Cabinets Make Kitchen Redesigns a Dream Come True

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So you’re dreaming of a new kitchen, but where do you begin and how do you keep from breaking the bank? Start with the basics and know that your needs are probably not that different from other people’s needs. This means that the solution already exists. Here lies the simple beauty of RTA cabinets. Low cost with all the custom features you can imagine, so no one will ever know your kitchen wasn’t crafted just for you.

Ready to assemble cabinets come in a plethora of styles, wood choices and finishes so once you have a list of your needs, start perusing the many designs. These cabinets range from very basic economical lines to the rather extraordinary. They can include special cabinets for glassware, microwaves, matching fronts for your appliances, ornately detailed range hoods, it’s all possible. Even with all the special features, the cost is a mere fraction of custom cabinetry. This means your dream kitchen is well within your reach.

With the help of design software, distributors or contractors can sit down with you and compile your choices into a plan for the ultimate working kitchen. And if you want to add bling, wood mouldings, ceiling medallions, corbels, entryways, columns and pretty much anything you can think up can be incorporated to express your very personality. Adding decorative moulding on the tops of cabinets gives them another layer of detail and wood carvings can be attached to the fronts of specific pieces just for you. Shelving and kitchen islands can be enhanced with carved legs or brackets and just imagine how impressive a columned entrance would look. Remember, hardware choices also impact the final overall look and feel of your kitchen so give this proper consideration. Hardware finish and design options abound, each aspect bringing with it its own essence.

The last important consideration is function. How would you like the shelves and drawers to operate? Static shelves or pull out? Do you want your drawers to close quietly? Certain hardware will withstand more wear and tear so consider your family and their habits.

Once the plan is made, you don’t have to wait months, because your cabinets await you, already made, with endless options, ready for your contractor to assemble and install. That means not only is this a cost effective option, but you can be enjoying your new kitchen in no time. Spend some time perusing the many options on-line as well as visiting local showrooms to help you visualize your final plan. Every project is a journey, so good luck and enjoy!

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