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Reap the Distinct Advantages to Utilizing RTA Cabinets When Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom

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In today’s market, Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets are quickly becoming a leading option over more traditional models. You can literally use them in any setting that you prefer not just kitchens and bathrooms. You may have heard that RTA varieties are considered to be a discount option and is a product of lesser value than other choices. This myth has long been dispelled.

Did you know that modern day RTA cabinets are made from reliable hard wood and not flimsy laminate or particleboard? When choosing this model you receive a structurally sound product that is guaranteed to withstand the tests of time and any normal wear and tear that it is faced with.

In many cases, the distributor that you work with allows you to determine the type of wood you want used in the production of your cabinets as well as any hardware. If you opt for a custom package, you get to choose the design, color, and structural layout, too. The materials used in these products are made to maintain the durability and appearance of cabinets of yesteryear.

After the panels have been sized, cut, and treated according to your specifications, they will be labeled with detailed assembly instructions. This is what makes utilizing RTAs profound as they are easy for anyone to put together.

The manufacturer of the cabinet parts will take extreme care to package up the pieces and prepare them for shipping. A good company will ensure that your investment arrives to you unscathed and ready to assemble.

As a DIY installer, you might feel apprehension when your RTA products arrive but keep in mind, these cabinets aren’t sweeping the nation because they are difficult to install. Any homeowner with a basic tool set and bit of common sense can successfully install these cabinets. You might need a smidge of wood glue and a screwdriver,that’s about it.

Once all of the wood panels are pieced together, you can attach the hardware, which takes minimal time. If you can turn a screw, you can install cabinet handles. Make sure you have all pieces handy before starting.

Another aspect of using RTA cabinets is that the materials used in their production are often environmentally safe. This is due to the country’s growing demand for “green” living standards. This means that no harsh chemicals were used when treating the wood in the manufacturing plant or distribution center. You can feel confident that you, your family, pets, and eco-system will be safe.

In addition, because RTA products use such high-efficiency wood, this prevents landfills from being overloaded with unused scraps. It also means that less trees will have to be cut down in order to produce cabinets. There are advantages to using this modern form of woodwork all across the board.

Even though RTA cabinets are less expensive than their traditional counterparts are, the procedures used in making them are just as high. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care and meet the standards of the company as well as yours. You can be certain that in the rare instance a mistake is made, it is promptly corrected and the task is started over.

Tackling a remodeling project is a heavy decision to make, so why not choose RTA cabinets and make things a little easier on yourself. Remember, when you choose these products, you are saving money, getting high-quality materials, and making a positive impact on the environment. You really can’t go wrong.

It’s quite possible that your kitchen or bathroom will be the envy of the neighborhood when they are equipped with RTA cabinets, personally designed just for you. Enjoy the new look and feel of your home or office for years to come.

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